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PET/CT imaging provides high-quality images and is widely available today. Some of the earlier roadblocks such as availability of radio-pharmaceuticals and lack of adequate reimbursement are no longer present. Here you can learn about the clinical utilization of PET/CT imaging, discover which indications are covered by Medicare and find more information to schedule a PET/CT scan for your patient. We offer modern facilities for your patients with modern equipment and a pleasant atmosphere. There is plenty of up front and free parking for your patients and licensed senior level therapists on site at all times.

Insurance Coverage and Forms

Use our guide to quickly identify PET indications approved by Medicare.

Medicare Coverage for PET/CT Scans

Our team is ready to assist in scheduling a PET/CT scan for your patients.

PET/CT Scan Request
Patient Preparation Instructions

MIU 360

Visit MI University 360 (MIU 360) for educational resources to help you increase your clinical knowledge of molecular imaging.

MIU 360 connects physicians across the globe with a network of peers, providing a platform to address topics such as how to optimize dose, increase accuracy in radiation therapy or improve detection of coronary artery disease. You can find answers to these challenges, learn how to maximize the benefits that can be achieved with molecular imaging technology and deepen your clinical expertise. MIU 360 is provided free of charge to physicians by Siemens Medical and is not associated with Northpoint PET/CT nor Landmark Radiation, it is linked here as a courtesy and resource for physicians. This resource is not intended for patient use, if you are not a physician we recommend you not visit this website.

Visit MIU 360